Are you looking for a loan without certification?? They certainly do not go with this intention to a traditional bank. In such institutions, in fact, from 2012 you have to take into account much more rigorous conditions when it comes to allocating financial loans. Such rules were introduced by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in response to the very poor economic situation in Poland. Since then, each application has been examined in terms of creditworthiness as well as the lack of unpaid debts. Therefore, all clients who are on the list of Credit Information Bureau can say goodbye to the loan provided by the banks.

They will hear the same negative decision if they do not meet the minimum creditworthiness requirement. Banks must check carefully whether the applicant receives regular sources of income. These include, among others, money received under a contract of employment, civil law contracts or benefits such as pensions or pensions. If this condition is not met, according to the bank, the potential borrower is unable to pay off the liabilities.

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People without creditworthiness, no alternative?

The KNF has indeed introduced significant changes in the functioning of banks. However, they do not apply to non-bank institutions, ie all loan companies, without having a proper register on the list of banks.

Those who are still interested in loan certificates can easily turn to this type of institution. Most of them actually offer waiting times, which are made available only after showing only the ID card. Filling in the form takes only a few minutes, and you can apply for a cash loan via the Internet. Most often, the only requirement is simply to send a scan of your ID card.

Sure, some people wonder how specific outlets will check whether a given customer is solvent at all and whether he sometimes lends money to earlier debts with which he has a lot of trouble. Well, in this situation, such data sources about potential clients as the Economic Information Bureau or the National Register of Debtors turn out to be helpful. At present, only the British loan company Tongfah Bank is using BIK. In previous sources, the data is not as accurate as in the Credit Information Office. Therefore, the lenders defend themselves with slightly higher interest rates for the loan granted and a short repayment date.

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