The decision to invest in a stock exchange should be accompanied by a history of investments in more conservative modalities, and the resources to be contributed in this type of investment must also be called resources “leftovers”.

In financial jargon, it is often said that what is left over from bread and milk must be invested in saving; what is left over from the purchase of perfume, something superfluous, must be invested in more diversified but not aggressive funds; and that asset to be invested in the stock exchange should be the money that would be used to buy an imported perfume, meaning it is not an investment that should concentrate most of your wallet.

Are you curious? So follow today’s post and understand better how to start investing in the stock market!

How to invest in the stock market?

How to invest in the stock market?

The first step is to seek specific information or help from professionals with extensive knowledge or who have certifications in the financial area. This will get you into the “club” of the purse.

It is important to know that no one invests directly in the stock market, since investments must be made through the brokerage of securities brokers. This brokerage firm plays the role of “partner” of the club called the stock exchange and you, when registering in one, gain the right to be invited by it to join the club.

How to access the stock market?

How to access the stock market?

The stock market can be accessed by almost everyone. If you hold a management position in any listed company or hold any position of political influence, you probably will not be able to open a brokerage account. This is the first step to joining the club.

With the registration made, the broker will consult your date and confirm that you can start your buying and selling operations. From there, you will already have authorization and access to the stock market.

How can I buy shares?

How can I buy shares?

The purchase and sale of shares is carried out entirely via the internet. You will access the same way you access your email, with username and password, trigger purchase and sale orders and can monitor the evolution of your equity by consulting your statement at any time. This system is called a home broker. But you can also pass purchase and sale orders over the phone to the brokerage firm.

With respect to the money used for this purchase, it must be transferred to the brokerage house on an identified transfer and which does not empower the brokerage firm to use its funds. Only the investor can trigger the purchase and sale orders, and the resources that remain in this kind of current account can only be transferred to the account of the holder that opened the account in the brokerage house. This ensures security for the investor, who knows that the funds will now be available in the account managed by the brokerage firm, or they will be in the form of shares themselves.

For this service, the broker will charge service and brokerage fees, and the stock exchange itself charges fees on each transaction. It is an extremely safe and sophisticated set of operations, so experts from countries such as the United States and Germany, for example, study the operation of the system in Brazil.

If you are interested in making an investment in the stock exchange, seek to acquire financial knowledge and consult financial experts to help you! Was there any doubt about this type of investment? Share in the comments!


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